Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hyatt Huntington Beach-March 2011

Last month we spent a couple of days at the Hyatt Huntington Beach providing lighting for their special events. We had the honor of working and listening to former President Clinton speak at the event (which was a highlight for our team)

We were tasked to create several different events for the group (many in the same space) so we worked with Destination Pros on several themes from St. Patricks Day, to 80's to and elegant dinner reception all with unique aspects for the guests.

The first day the weather didn't cooperate with us so we had to move the St. Pats event indoors which was great for the Irish band that played and the group that followed.

Due to time constraints we couldn't get any images of the 80's event but it was decked out with projections on the walls that included an MTV Logo, Pac-Man and Atari logos. There were 80's video games, a 6' tall Rubik's Cube and several hair and 80's makeup stations. The guests were encouraged (and did) wear an 80's costume. They did not disappoint.