Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TRON: Legacy Premier Kick Off-Downtown Disney

With the launch of the movie TRON: Legacy, Downtown Disney wanted to help with the kickoff of the movie by creating a stage to promote the movie.

We were tasked with a week long event featuring the music of Daft Punk (film score), elecTRONica/trance and top 40 hits to get guests in the right mindset for the movie.

We took a page out of the elecTRONica event over at Disney California Adventure which is a club style event on a massive scale and fantastic party to be part of. If you haven't seen elecTRONica, you are missing an amazing mix of music, lighting and video.

We had a motto for our lighting and sound design. "Anything Disney can do, we can do smaller."

The sound and lighting rig made you feel like you were in the movie coupled with new groundbreaking lighting effects and deep bass to complete the experience.

Though the rain slowed us down for the last couple of nights, the guests rocked out to club experience like they had never seen before.

This is what the stage looked like before we TRON'd it