Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our weeks at The Montage and the St. Regis

We had the pleasure of working with the same health care company on both of their programs. It was the first time that (2) divisions were on the west coast, a week apart and only separated by mile or so.

Providing the lighting component for the general sessions as well as the special events became a challenge. How do you go from a simple stage to impressive event design (with only a matter of hours?) L.E.D’s and a little help from our friends at Event Works. The Event Works team knows how to bring out the best to create an extravaganza. Scenery coupled with our L.E.D’s made the stage transform in the matter of hours. From general session to Hawaiian to Beach Sunset to Awards on to Moroccan. We had the challenge to create (7) different looks,

themes and designs over the two weeks. In the end, the clients left very satisfied with the level of service and design that all the teams helped bring to make this event a success.

Special thanks to Jeremy from Five Star with The Montage and Destination Pros for all the logistic assistance and the team effort for the clients